All Prep Complete

By the end of the 8th of October all of the insulation had been cut and carefully fitted, avoiding gaps, taped, and sealed against the weather. The buildings skeleton is no longer visible and the building has become podgy with the addition of the insulations thick coat. The flashings have all been fitted.

Unfortunately we had one wrong size, too short, flashing for one of the front sloping wall corners. This means that we have to get another flashing piece from Neptune in Glasgow to complete this corner. They have already told me that it can be ready when I am next passing on the 16th of October, so not too long a wait.


This doesn't stop us getting on with the rest of the flashings around the building in preparation for the installation of the Marley sheathing. We should begin this from the rear of the building on Thursday or Friday 9th of October. We will see how far we get with this by the end of Friday. I will update with pictures.

As can be seen below we started on the sheathing of the lower wall panels after lunch on Friday we managed to measure and set out and then cut and place five sheets on the north side and two sheets on the east side. We will crack on first thing Monday 12th October. I am off to work on Wednesday and will pick up flashings from Neptune Fabrications on my way past Glasgow.


Both of us are keen to get on with getting to wind and watertight as quickly as possible as the winter storms will begin to roll towards us across the Atlantic.



Sheathing the building. The specification of the build from the architect and engineer asked for 10mm sheathing ply over the walls and roof. This adds to the rigidity of the frame and makes it feel much more robust and tighter.

We all discussed with prompts from Simon if 10mm would be enough for the roof. As the joists were 763mm apart it felt as if 10mm would not offer enough rigidity to the building as we would be clambering all over the roof when putting on the external sheathing. After discussion we decided to order 18mm ply sheathing for the roof and this felt correct when placing it and then walking on the roof. 10mm sheathing ply would have been to light and would have moved under our weight quite a lot.


The sheathing of the walls took just one and a half days and Bekah got to see the whole of the walls completed before she had to leave Skye.