Roof Sheathing


Once the 18mm ply had arrived Simon got on with installing it. Before this happened we had covered the walls with external brother membrane. We lapped this over the top of the walls so that the roof sheathing ply would be placed on top of it and when the roof had its membrane placed on this would then overlap the walls and create a good seal against wind and wet.


The roof took Simon a day to complete together with placing and securing the external membrane sheet. To do this the membrane is stapled onto the ply at regular intervals. The membrane is quite thick and tough in order to survive the winds on Skye. Simon also used thin nylon straps, used to secure wood together when delivered on a pallet. He placed these straps along the structural elements of the build, roof joists, wall frames so that when we come to apply the external sheathing we can see clearly all of the main structural attaching points. Again this preparation apart from keeping the external membrane from being torn and blown off by the wind also aids the speed of the next stage of the build in putting the external finish of walls and roof into place along the proper structural fixing points.