Costs to Wind and Watertight

Scaffold Down

It is a bit of a landmark in the build when you are able to take the scaffold down from around the building. For the first time you get an un-interrupted view of the building in the landscape.
We were all pretty pleased with how it was looking.

Costs to wind and watertight:

  • Engineered Wooden Rails £390
  • Structural C16 Wood for joists and framing £1540
  • Ply Sheathing £280
  • Joist Hangers £65
  • Roof Timbers £250
  • Ply for Roof £270
  • Marley Eternity Profile 6 Grey for walls and Roof together with fixings £1270
  • Flashings in Aluminium for roof and wall joints, guttering £1350 Neptune Glasgow
  • Flashings for Chimney and Light tube, Dektite £78
  • Sola Tube £240
  • Flue complete £580
  • Larch Cladding £278
  • Windows Norman Double Glazed £4350
  • External Insulation 100mm Dense Foam Celotex £830
  • External Membranes to walls and roof with fixings £340
  • Labour £3400

Total £15,501


The Marley cladding changes colour depending on the weather conditions in the sunshine it drys very quickly and goes a very light grey. In the wet it goes a battleship grey.