Airtight Membrane

Due to the storm force winds in Skye the airtight envelope of the building is really important. The force of the wind will find any holes and the building will be draughty, more difficult and expensive to heat, much less comfortable a place to live in.


We used the membrane and tapes from Siga, a Swiss/German company. The membrane is very tough and easy to work with. It works well into corners and the tapes used for the overlaps stick in a way I haven't experienced before. The membrane can be handled by one person and it has marks, cross hairs, over the membrane surface that makes it easy to install straight and with the correct amount of overlap between joints. It is also semi translucent so you can see the structure beneath the membrane. On the ceiling joists and wooden frames for the walls a double sided tape is placed that holds the membrane firmly in place and seals any screws or nails that pierce the membrane where the double sided tape is installed.


I thoroughly recommend the Siga materials as it is easy to work with and the tapes allow you to get very good airtight seals around all the important joints, wall to floor, windows, doors, ceiling to walls.

As you can see from the photographs the ceiling membrane was installed first to enable the first fix electrics to be installed on schedule for the 27th of November.