Block Piers


The job in front of us was building up the piers to the correct heights across the site. The piers were built up around the central reinforced cages once built to the correct height we had to mix concrete on site to fill each pier up level to the top blocks of each one.
We had a small petrol mixer on site and three bags of aggregate, sand and 20 bags of cement.

Simon did the blockwork while I mixed the cement for the mortar. Once the piers were built and had dried the task was then to mix concrete en masse to fill each of the piers up to the top. We worked together and swopped shovelling the mix into the mixer adding the water to get the correct consistency with wheelbarrowing it over to the piers to shovel in. Bloody hard work and I was knackered at the end of the day. It took a couple of days hard work to fill the piers.