Beating the storms

The Autumn in Skye has been really good, lots of sun, little wind and very little rain. When starting the build I had in mind that it would be ideal to get to wind and watertight by the end of October.


With my oversight on the three week extra wait for the windows I wasn't sure that we would make it. Simon also had other jobs to go to while the weather remains good enough for external work.
The week beginning the 12th of October was due to be good weather. it was a pain that I had to go South for work on Wednesday as a concentrated few days would get us to wind and watertight. The lifting of the Marley Eternity sheets needs two people they are too heavy to handle and place and cut accurately by one person.

Before I left for work we managed to get the two long walls covered as well as the rear of the building that also required us to install the rear gutter that would go under the roofing sheets. This left the front of the building the roof and all of the roof flashings.