Internal Finish Costs

Internal Finish Costs

The Costs for internal fit out:

  • Ply Ceiling £220
  • Larch Floor, together with underlay and Hard Wax finish £760
  • Osb for internal walls £280
  • Cembrit Cement Sheets £380
  • Electrics Labour and Fittings £1976
  • Shower wet wall £340
  • Shower Glass £78
  • Electric Mira Shower £190
  • Shower Tray £85
  • Bathroom Sink and Tap £87
  • Cabinet £38
  • Decking External £460 including Labour
  • Kitchen units and appliances £769
  • Kitchen table £86
  • Tiles for under stove £175
  • Hot water heater £67
  • Plumbing £180
  • Stove £750
  • Bed constructed from left over structural wood and decking
  • Labour £2800
  • Final groundworks and Gravel £650

Total £ 10,371

This makes a grand total for the build of :

Groundworks, Foundations, Concrete Piers, Soak away, Drains, £8713
Build to wind and Watertight £15501
Internal Fit out and Finish £10371

Which comes to £34,585 A build cost per m2 of £1,152

Important to remember that none of my time and labour has been costed. Throughout the build I project managed materials and other contractors. I physically worked on the building on average four days a week. I also sourced a lot of materials and went to pick them up.

I was planning to get below £1000 per m2. We just missed this but I am very pleased with the quality of the build that we have ended up with.
Without the skilled work from Sean Morrison who did all of the ground works, the help from Bekah Sparrow when we were raising and making the frames and of course Simon Bell's patience with me and great breadth of knowledge and skills throughout, it wouldn't have happened at all. A really big thanks to all, not least of all to Kate Prentice who has willingly, most of the time, gone along with my hair brained schemes and projects. She is also very good at making the buildings live, with a great sense of design and how materials work with each other to make the spaces a joy to inhabit xxx