Wind and Watertight

Windows Have Landed

Kate phoned Caley Timber today, as we wanted to get an update on possible window delivery as we hadn't heard anything for a while. We were a bit worried Nordan may have been later with delivery than they said. Luckily as Kate phoned the windows were on their way to Skye and have since touched down at Caley's holding depot near Sligahan.
Ewan, again really helpful guy at Caley, gave Kate John, the drivers mobile and they have arranged for delivery on Tuesday morning, 29th September. Simon the joiner also rang, by chance, and it ties in well with his schedule so he will be on site with me to off load the windows at Fiscavaig ready for fitting.
Its rare that all comes together in one day like this. Hopefully the Autumn weather will be kind and it will allow us to get windows in, flashings on, final sheathing finish to roof and walls, so all wind and watertight in the next two to three weeks.