Windows Secured

Been a bit slow at putting progress up on the blog as Simon has been working me hard since the windows arrived. I have been too physically tired to write anything in the evenings.

After the dramatic progress of the framing and a building structure suddenly appearing the tempo has slowed again. Once the windows arrived from Nordan, earlier than the schedule by a few days, there has been lots of careful work making sure all the components fit together properly to allow the external weather proof sheathing to go on quickly and without modification.

Below are the windows arriving. We paid Caley timber a very reasonable fee of £50 to deliver the windows to our site on Skye. John the driver is great and was very careful bringing the windows off of the lorry and then on the forklift down the track to the site. The windows had been packed very well by Nordan so they arrived in good condition without any dents, scratches etc.


John was able to place the windows very close to the building. As it was just Simon and myself on site this helped a lot as we were able to slide the large double sliding door set into position before releasing it from the packing. Once out of the packing it became clear that the whole thing was quite heavy. It was at the limit of my strength. Simon is stronger than me but we were able together to lift the window on to stage heights until we only had to lift it the final 100mm into the door hole. Once in it was secured temporarily


I had to travel South the next day at around 1pm. This gave me time to help Simon get the other heavy item, a single full glazed external door unit, into place and temporarily secured.
Simon, while I was away was then able to deal with the smaller two long fixed windows and the small square opening bedroom window. Once in Simon offered up the milled Aluminium flashings, from Neptune in Glasgow, and had then to adjust the window positioning so that the flashings worked with the windows as drawn.